Since inception iSustain came onto the scene to essentially be a marketing platform to help businesses who offered sustainable building products spread the word in Perth.

We did this by attending various farmers markets in the Perth metro area. What made this successful was the ability to demonstrate products on the stand. This saw a positive engagement from those communities. Our proudest achievement to date has been educating a Perth based boutique building company implement hempcrete installation into their business.

Over the past 12 months iSustain community has grown and we now see benefits in becoming the marketing hub for sustainable construction. Providing instant, easy and accessible information about products or services that are out there through to consulting an architect in providing design considerations for her client wanting to use an alternative building method. Our community not only includes individuals looking for alternative building methods but also trades either looking to enter the sustainable construction marketplace or are looking for opportunities to extend their own current target market audience. Whoever you are out there, and however green or different you are wanting to be when it comes to building sustainable we would love to hear from you.

Are you an architect or Designer?

If you have not become familiar with solar passive design we can assist you and your client to obtain the most sustainable outcome.
Designing a home from certain materials carry many considerations.
We can provide you with the relevant information to ease the transition from design, to engineering, council approval and the builder.
We will work closely with you to help you deliver the best outcome to your clients.

Are you a Builder?

As the building industry rapidly changes it is important that builders and trades remain in touch with new products, materials and the importance of quality workmanship.
If you are taking on a sustainable project and require relevant and helpful advice then iSustain can help.
Whether it is installation of sustainable products such as Hempcrete, we can provide the information and training you require.
We can visit you on site and educate your team in the installation of over 100 sustainable products on the market today.
No project too small or too big, contact us today for more information.

Thinking of Building?

If you are in the market to build your dream home then iSustain is your one stop shop for your project.
Our Partners are highly qualified in sustainable construction and are committed to providing excellent service.
We can provide all of he necessary aspects from design to completion, whether its a new build, renovation or extension.
Doing a DIY project?
We can assist you in the application of various building methods and materials.
We are very competitive in the service we provide and can work to any budget.
We will work with you so you can achieve your sustainable goals. Contact us today to make your booking!

iSustain is a provider of a range of information seminars. We offer short educational workshops that appeals to all ages about sustainable construction.
Whether it is hempcrete installation, innovative products, designing and energy efficiency, we cater for all sustainable aspects.
For professionals who would like to learn more about any of the products we endorse please contact Cameron for a one on one consultation.
Your first 30 min is free and information brochures are provided.
We also offer onsite training for builders, owner builders and trades who have not experienced the installation of sustainable products on the market today. Hempcrete, Hebel, Double glazing, underfloor heating and geothermal renders are just to name a few. Visit or Education page for more information.