Community Awareness

iSustain prides itself on nurturing our sustainable living community between our suppliers and consumers. The businesses we endorse carry the same values of sustainability, future development, environmental impacts and sustainable construction.

From designers and architects to builders, suppliers and manufactures; we can connect you to almost any professional within the building industry who can provide their services throughout all of Western Australia, ultimately resulting in a beneficial collaboration that allows you to make the best and informed decision for your project.

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iSustain is a provider of a range of information seminars. We offer short educational workshops that appeals to all ages about sustainable construction, hempcrete installation, innovative products and much more.

For professionals who would like to learn more about any of the products we endorse please contact Cameron for a one on one consultation. Your first 30 min is free and information brochures are provided.

We also offer onsite training for builders, owner builders and trades who have not experienced the installation of sustainable products on the market today. Hempcrete, Hebel, Double glazing, underfloor heating and geothermal renders are just to name a few. For more information please contact us or click here to view our courses.

*Please note we are not a registered education partner. Please seek information regarding CPD Points accumulated by our workshops.