Cameron Richardson
Founder & Consultant

A photograph of Cameron Richardson of iSustain

Cameron, a carpenter by trade and building supervisor, founded iSustain in early 2018.

His direction, was to provide relevant, proactive and thorough information of sustainable building methods and materials to professionals and the general public.

His focus is to create a community of people that have the same passion to reinvigorate, advocate and practice sustainability in Western Australia.

Cam’s knowledge of alternative methods in construction comes from his education crafted by European lecturers and instructors. He since has developed his knowledge of materials, chemicals and methods that allow him to have a clear vision of constructing homes that are low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), highly energy efficient and a low carbon impact to the environment (energy star ratings). A one on one directory for sustainable construction.

“I believe the industry will change and everyone will be on board. There is not a more pleasant feeling than providing a network of informed individuals to someone who wishes to build sustainably, yet needs a helping hand to reach their goal”
Cameron Richardson

Whitley’s curiosity for sustainability began when she attended a workshop in 2017 about understanding Sustainability in WA Housing.

Captivated by the topics of discussion, she learnt the building industry was heading for change in offering alternative green building materials, methods and practices.

Since then, Whitley has been drawn to this emerging constructive methodology and getting behind the green building movement, with a focus to grow and help educate our community about living in a healthy home. Combining her love of real estate, people and her passion for sustainability, makes her an ideal advocate of achieving our vision and mission, and she looks forward to the success of this community for many generations to come.

“Since our first appearance at Kalamunda Farmers’ Market, it has been incredible to see the level of awareness and understanding the public already has on sustainable construction. Their positivity and support we have received so far, gives us great confidence that the success of our community will bring about the positive changes we seek for the survival of future generations to come.”
Whitley Gilbert

Whitley Gilbert
Operations Coordinator

A photograph of Whitley Gilbert of iSustain